Criminal Charges Against Juveniles — Get a Criminal Defense Attorney Involved Immediately

Grose Law Firm can Protect Your Child’s Rights and Prevent Unjust or Additional Charges Against Your Child

A child or youth facing criminal charges or questioning by police in South Carolina has the same rights as an adult — including the right to remain silent, stop answering questions at any time and to have an attorney present. If your child has been detained on criminal charges or is being questioned by police, he or she should exercise all of these rights IMMEDIATELY.

Most children and youth do not understand the seriousness of their situation when arrested or questioned by police and don’t realize the full extent of the penalties that can be levied against them. Nor do they understand the potential life-long impact of those penalties. Juveniles in such situations need to be represented by an experienced attorney who can protect their rights when investigators are pressuring them to talk or confess and give up their rights. Many times juveniles who are not represented by an attorney unwittingly give up information that solidifies an otherwise weak case or results in additional criminal charges.

As an experienced juvenile defense attorney, Charles Grose can protect your child’s rights and minimize consequences if they’re being charged with or questioned about a crime in the Greenwood region of South Carolina.

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The Grose Law Firm can provide representation for any of the following:

  • Police questioning/investigation
  • Detention hearings
  • Court appearances in Juvenile/Family Court
  • Court appearances in General Sessions Court
  • All proceedings involving South Carolina’s Department of Juvenile Justice
  • All other matters pertaining to criminal charges against a minor

South Carolina Prosecutes All Youths 17 Years Old and Many Youths 16 Years Old in Adult Court

Criminal charges against a child are usually processed in Family Court or Juvenile Court where the emphasis of the justice system is to reform and rehabilitate the child. However, if the child is 17 years old, the case will be prosecuted in General Sessions Court.  For many 16-year-olds, the case will begin in General Sessions Court where adults are prosecuted and the emphasis of sentencing is to punish. In some circumstances, children as young as 14 years old can also be prosecuted in General Sessions Court.

Oftentimes, a defense attorney experienced in handling juvenile cases, like Mr. Grose, can intervene on the child’s behalf and either get the case processed in Juvenile Court or, if processed in General Sessions Court, persuade the judge to consider rehabilitative sentencing rather than imprisonment.

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