Felony Crimes — Getting Charges Reduced or Dropped is the Forte of The Grose Law Firm

It is important for anyone charged with a felony to be represented by a highly skilled and experienced attorney, like Charles Grose, or they may endanger their rights and potentially be punished for the wrong crime or a crime they did not commit.

For over 20 years, Mr. Grose has defended individuals charged with felony crimes in South Carolina, especially in the Greenwood region. He is known for challenging police and prosecutors and preventing clients from paying penalties they don’t deserve.

If you’ve been charged with a felony in South Carolina and need an attorney who will take the time to fully understand your circumstance and has the experience and fortitude to fight unjust charges and sentencing, then call Greenwood-based defense attorney Charles Grose and the Grose Law Firm.

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Felony Cases Defended by The Grose Law Firm

The Grose Law Firm represents individuals charged with any felony crime in the State of South Carolina, including the following:

Murder/Voluntary Manslaughter – the killing of another human being when the killer intended to kill the victim or intentionally engaged in reckless behavior likely to result in someone’s death

Involuntary Manslaughter/Reckless Homicide – the killing of another human being when there was NO intent to kill or intention to be reckless in a way likely to result in someone’s death

Assault/Battery – causing serious injury or attempting to cause serious injury to someone, or threatening someone in a way that put them in fear of immediate harm

Rape/Criminal Sexual Conduct – forcing sexual intercourse or other unwanted sexual acts on someone without their consent, including date rape or use of drugs or alcohol to render the victim unable to protest

Robbery – theft of property involving the use of force or threat of force against a person

Burglary – theft of property when the victim was not present

Drug Trafficking– Possession of illegal drugs for the purpose of selling or distributing to other people

Felony Drug Possession – Possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and other serious drugs

Arson – Intentional setting of fire to a building

Child Sex Crimes – engaging in sexual acts upon a minor, including taking or distributing child pornography

Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor – engaging in sexual battery or lewd act with a minor

Embezzlement/Fraud/Computer Crimes – crimes in which deceit is the primary means of depriving another person or people of money or possessions, including computer crimes and so-called “white collar” crimes

Kidnapping – Taking a person from one place to another or confining them against their will

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