Capital Cases

Capital Murder Defense

Facing the death penalty is a terrifying experience. Anyone in this situation needs to have a highly skilled and experienced attorney in whom they can put their total trust and confidence. Criminal defense attorney Charles Grose defended numerous capital cases in his 16 years as a public defender and understands what it takes to avoid the death penalty.  Mr. Grose continues to represent people facing the death penalty in post-conviction relief and federal habeas corpus cases.  

Death Penalty cases are stressful and demand extreme attention to detail. A successful capital defense attorney should be well trained and have skills including:

  • In-depth understanding of South Carolina’s criminal laws and the rights of defendants accused of capital crimes
  • Intricate knowledge of the rules of evidence, where to look for evidence, and how to prevent prosecutors from using inappropriate or inadmissible evidence
  • Familiarity with prosecution tactics and how to fight them
  • Identifying mitigating circumstances that show the crime does not qualify for the death penalty or why the death penalty should not be imposed in a particular case.
  • Vast skill in presenting a case and cross-examining witnesses in the courtroom Identifying and preserving issues for appeal or post-conviction relief