South Carolina Supreme Court Weakens DUI Videotape Protections

Section 56-5-2953 of the South Carolina Code of Laws requires “the video recording at the incident site” to begin when the police officer activates the blue lights, “include any field sobriety tests administered,” and show the DUI arrest and Miranda rights advisement.  These protections are so important that a law enforcement agency cannot be “excused […]

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Preview of Upcoming Blog Posts for Blues, Bar-B-Q, and Bar CLE

On Friday, July 12, 2013, the South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers will host the 8th Blues, Bar-B-Q, and Bar CLE at the Arts Center at the Federal Building, in Greenwood, South Carolina.  This seminar coincides with the 13th Annual South Carolina Festival of Discovery.  This event is the perfect opportunity for lawyers to […]

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Satellite Monitoring of Sex Offenders Requires Judicial Review

Section 23-3-540 of the South Carolina Code of Laws requires mandatory, lifetime satellite monitoring of people convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor or committing a lewd act on a minor.  On May 22, 2013, in State v. Dykes, the South Carolina Supreme Court held “that the statute’s initial mandatory imposition of satellite […]

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