Court of Appeals Reinstates Jury Verdict in Favor of Wrongfully Terminated College Professor

On June 27, 2018, in Crenshaw v. Erskine Collegethe South Carolina Court of Appeals reinstated a $600,000.00 verdict awarded by Abbeville County jurors to a tenured college professor wrongfully terminated by Erskine College.  Charles Grose became involved in the case after the trial judge granted a judgment notwithstanding the verdict and entered a judgment in favor of Erskine College.  The jurors, however, returned special interrogatories finding Dr. Crenshaw did not breach the employment contract but Erskine College did.  The Court of appeals held it was improper for the trial judge to overturn the jurors’ verdict because evidence presented at trial supported the verdict.

Click this link to read Crenshaw v. Erskine College.