SC Supreme Court Watch: Update on the “Protection of Persons and Property Act”

A prior SC Supreme Court Watch: The “Protection of Persons and Property Act” pointed out that our Supreme Court heard oral arguments in June 2013 in two cases that could further interpret a citizen’s rights under the statute. Both cases were before our Supreme Court on pre-trial appeals of trial court Castle Doctrine hearings.  Our Court approved pre-trial appeals of Castle Doctrine rulings in footnote 2 of State v. Duncan:

We find an order granting or denying a motion to dismiss under the Act is immediately appealable, as it is in the nature of an injunction.  See S.C. Code Ann. § 14-3-330(4) (Supp. 2010) (“The Supreme Court . . . shall review upon appeal . . . an interlocutory order or decree . . . granting, continuing, modifying, or refusing an injunction . . . .”).

On August 21, 2013, however, our Supreme Court decided State v. Isaac, holding “the denial of a defendant’s request for immunity under the Act is an interlocutory order not subject to immediate appeal.”  Justice Pliecones disagreed and adhered to the resonating set forth in Duncan.

Following the decision in Isaac, our Supreme Court dismissed the two appeals that were argued in June 2013.

Questions remain whether the Court’s decision in Isaac was driven by legislative intent or limiting the Court’s workload.

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